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    Dirty Cans Are A Risk

    × Unsanitary Environment For You and Your Family

    ×Breeding Ground For Parasites, Bacteria, Viruses, and Microbes

    ×Attracts Rats, Mice and Pests

    × Breeding ground for maggots, flies, mosquitoes

    × Foul Odors stink and are gross

    × Build Up of Dirt and Residue

    × You Could be Inadvertently Contaminating Our Storm Water Drains Leading to our rivers and lakes

    Benefits Of Cleaning

    Kills 99.99% of All Known Bacteria.

    √ On-Site Hassle Free Service. We Come to you.

    √ We Help Rid your Cans of Obnoxious Odors, Germs, Bacteria and Rotting Waste.

     Reduce Health Risks of Unsanitary Trash Cans.

     EPA Approved Sanitizer and Virucide.
    Contaminated Water is Disposed of Safely and Legally.

     Leave Your Trash Cans Smelling Fresh and Clean.

     Let Us Take Charge of What’s Lurking in Your Cans giving you peace of mind

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