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Why is it so Important to Disinfect your Garbage Bins?

Now, more than ever during this pandemic, disinfecting and sanitizing matters for your family. Trash & recycle bins are smelly, dirty, and messy breeding grounds for viruses, bacteria, and maggots. Without proper sanitation, these problems can only get worse.

Cleaning your own trash can is a most unpleasant experience. Cold water from your garden hose may not adequately sanitize your bins and trying to do it yourself, could lead to significant water runoff which could be harmful to your neighborhood and environment.

Here’s How We Clean Your Dirty Cans…

With custom built trash can cleaning equipment we clean your bins professionally, efficiently, and safely – plus on your curbside! After ensuring there is no lose trash in your can we lift the bins into the hopper and with ZERO chemicals we power blast the cans with 220º water at 3,000 PSI! This kills all the bacteria and leaves your trash cans looking clean and new. We return your cleaned trash bins to the curb after being inspected by our service provider (that’s me!).
The wastewater from our eco friendly process is self contained and disposed of safely and properly at approved facilities.

How Scheduling & Payment Work…

We regular clean your garbage can according to the plan and package you sign up for (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly). We will send a text and email reminding you of your bin’s appointment the day before we arrive and the day we come to clean which will be the same day (or day after) as your trash collection. Services are billed after the cleaning is complete. After your first service you will be able to login to the “Client Hub” where you will be able to see up-coming scheduled cleans, and self service to store a different credit card on file, or reschedule appointments. I am also ALWAYS available via text, email, or phone and will help with whatever it is that you need.

Saves You Time & Gives Peace of Mind – you’ll love it!

Sanitized and disinfected trash bins bring peace of mind – knowing all the bacteria and microbes are gone each month from your trash can. You’ll be surprised at how good it fells to know your bins are being professionally cleaned. Your bins will thank you…and so will your family. Because making the dirtiest part of your property clean brings that kind of satisfaction. In fact we guarantee it!
Trash Can Cleaning

We Clean Dirty Trash Bins!

Enviromentally Safe

Locally Owned & Family Operated

Satisfaction Guaranteed !!!

Need Your Commercial Bins Cleaned?

First impression is everything! Don’t let your bins ruin it for your customers and employees. Using a self contained cleaning and water recovery system, we provide a monthly service that sanitizes, disinfects, and deodorizes the dirtiest part of your facility – your commercial trash bins. We sanitize bio hazard bins too!
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